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Harry ‘Doc’ Kloor is an American scientist, film producer, director, writer, and businessman. Kloor was the first (and still the only) person to be awarded two PhDs simultaneously in two distinct academic disciplines. He holds PhDs in Physics and in Chemistry.

In 2016, Kloor returned to XPRIZE Foundation (he was one of the five original founding team members of Ansari XPRIZE), as Bold Innovator. As Bold Innovator he created the Avatar Xprize, harry-8which on October 1, 2016 was voted one of the three top prize designs. At 22M, this prize will be the second largest in XPRIZE history.

Kloor is the CEO of Loarz Inc and Jupiter 9 Productions, as well as CSO of StemCC and ZHRO. He founded the Rocket Racing League, and served on the founding team for Singularity University, where he still serves as a media adviser. Kloor taught at the first summer session of Singularity University in 2009. He was also the chief science adviser for the X PrizeOrganization, advising X Prize Chairman and CEO Dr. Peter H. Diamandison science and technology issues.[8] In 2011, Kloor was one of the chairs of the DARPA’s 100 Year Starship study.

harry10Kloor also co-founded the company Universal Consultants, where he served as chief science consultant, providing guidance to clients in the development of new technological products, patents, and policy positions. These clients include NASA, the National Security Agency, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the US Senate, American Medical Association, and Jet Propulsion Laboratories.

Film Director, writer, producer, inventor, and scientist Harry Kloor

Kloor is a film writer, director and producer. Kloor helped create Taiwan’s animation industry, bringing, Quantum Quest, the first big animation film to Taiwan harry-1that starred major Hollywood stars. He has written for Star Trek: Voyager and was the story editor for Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict, a series he co-created/developed.

Kloor has received Federal grants to develop some of his work with the entertainment industry, creating TV/film projects with NASA and the U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement Agency. He completed his first feature in 2010, co-directing, producing and writing Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey, a 3-D, computer-animated, action adventure, sci-fi program. In 2014, he co-wrote and produced a film titled ILL WIND, based on Kevin J. Anderson’s and Doug Beason’s book.


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