Dr. Terence Sanger




Dr Terence Sanger
Viterbi School of Engineering – Biomedical Engineering
Keck School of Medicine – Neurology
Director, USC Pediatric Movement Disorders Center
Academic Director, HTE@USC

terry-sangerAs the academic director of USC’s HTE@USC, an interdisciplinary educational program for medical and engineering students, Dr. Terry Sanger brings his background in engineering and medicine to the challenge of fostering effective collaborations between the two fields. Dr. Sanger holds appointments in Biomedical Engineering, Neurology, and Biokinesiology, and he is also the director of the Pediatric Movement Disorders Clinic at Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles. His laboratory research focuses on understanding the origins of pediatric movement disorders from both a biological and a computational perspective. Dr. Sanger coordinates the Childhood Motor Study Group (CMSG) and the NIH Taskforce on Childhood Motor Disorders, and he is principal investigator on several research studies at USC. At CHLA, Dr. Sanger works with specialists from Rehabilitation, Surgery, Neurosurgery and other specialty areas. His training includes background in Child Neurology, Electrical Engineering, Signal Processing, Control Theory, Machine Learning, and Computational Neuroscience.


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