Home page – a one page module displaying a background video and the following sections: News (top 3 articles), Hosts (bio and videos), Podcasts, Gallery (favorite images and videos), Contact form, and footer.  The icon lists jump points you can click on to go directly to that portion of the page you desire, otherwise scroll down to find the section.  Carousels of hosts, podcasts, and gallery’s are provided to easily go through each of the items.

Hosts page – display a slideshow of the hosts currently available on Shooresh, which you can either select the one desired to see their bio and favorite videos, or scroll down to see all hosts then click on the one desired.

Podcasts page – displays all podcasts or podcast category, when clicked on will display a slideshow of the podcasts available on Shooresh, which you can either select  the one, or scroll down to see all podcasts then click on the one desired.

Gallery page – displays all Shooresh’s favorite images, audio, and video files in a grid.  Hover over item to read a bit about it and if you click on the item it will popup in light box type function to see larger view of images.

Blog page – displays a slideshow of the last 3 posts, which can be clicked on to view the entire post, or scroll down to see all posts in published date sequence.  Click on any posts to see the blog detail page.  The right side box provides options to find posts of interest.

Contact page – allows our visitors to contact us for any reason.

Join page – allows a visitor to become a member, which enables them to comment on posts.

Login page – allows Shooresh Staff Members or a member to log in to their account.

Forgot Password page – allows a member to reset their password if forgotten.  An email with a link is sent to the member, and when clicked will bring them to the site to reset the password.

My Account page – allows members to maintain their account information.

Logout page – allows member to log out of their account.

Sitemap – provides visitors with a look at all the pages available in the website, to help them better understand the site and how to find where they want to go.

FAQs – If you have questions and want to look at our frequently asked questions.

Privacy Policy – If you have questions about what we do with any information provided, review our policy here.

Terms and Conditions – If you have questions about our terms and conditions, review our terms and conditions here.

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